Making Your Fence Gorgeous

Making Your Fence Gorgeous

An Overview Of How PVC Fences Are Made

by Dale Gutierrez

If you're planning on getting a new fence for your backyard, you might be considering a PVC fence. PVC is a popular type of fencing because it's durable and doesn't need a lot of maintenance. You might be curious about how PVC fencing is made and why it's so durable. Here's an overview of how this type of fencing is manufactured.

Recycled Vinyl Can Be Used

PVC fences are made from a material called polyvinyl chloride. PVC is created after a chemical and manufacturing process using other materials such as chlorine and ethylene. When polyvinyl chloride is created for the first time and turned into fencing, the PVC is called virgin PVC. When old vinyl fences are recycled along with other types of plastic, the vinyl fence is called recycled PVC. The recycled vinyl fencing is cheaper, but it could also have phthalates added, which are considered a health hazard.

There Are Two Methods Of Making The Fence Parts

One way to make PVC for fencing is called mono-extrusion. When this method is used, the PVC is mixed with color pigments and other additives, such as UV inhibitors. Then the vinyl is put in molds or run through a series of machines that form the shape and add texture if the fencing is to resemble wood. Holes are punched in the vinyl if needed so when the fence pieces are complete, they're ready to use for building fence panels.

The other method of making PVC fencing is called co-extrusion. It makes PVC parts with two layers. The inner layer is just PVC, and the outer layer contains the color and other additives. Since additives are in the outer layer only, this is a less expensive way to make the fence parts. Since the color pigments are added when the fence parts are made, the color is permanent and won't flake off. The color also resists fading due to the added UV inhibitors. While white is common, there are several colors to choose from for PVC fencing.

The fence posts, rails, pickets, and panels can be made into a variety of shapes and sizes since they are formed in the factory. This gives you a wide selection when you're choosing the right fence for your property. The fencing contractor you work with can help you narrow down your choices by explaining the options and advising you on the best type of PVC fencing for your purposes.

PVC is a type of plastic, and bugs and animals aren't drawn to it like they are to wood. That's one reason this type of fencing is so durable. PVC melts easily when near a flame, but it has a high burn point, so it won't burst into flames very easily. Plus, since it's a synthetic material, it doesn't rot and it tolerates rain and humidity, so your new fence should last a long time.

To learn more about PVC fences, contact a fencing company.


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